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School Age Family Education (SAFE)

Programs for pregnant and parenting teens and their children

Edison High School
Franklin High School
Stagg High School
Weber Institute
Model Alternative High School
School for Adults

The Stockton Unified School District program for pregnant and parenting teens supports these parents in their roles as students and as parents. The program provides comprehensive childcare services for infants or toddlers. Teenagers with children can complete a high school education and learn the skills needed to become a successful parent.

In the infant and toddler programs the development of basic trust and attachment is the foundation for growth. Primary caregivers and parents in the program together take cues from the children about their individual developmental processes. The curriculum is on-going and emerging based on a thorough knowledge of child development and an awareness of individual growth. The environment, physical (space and time), emotional and social is designed to foster that developmental learning. The program strives to be aware of the cultural and linguistic needs of the families involved through its curriculum and bilingual staff. It provides support for the parents in their task of growing up at the same time they are parenting a growing infant.

The program also strongly supports education for non-parent high school students who are interested in child development careers or who want to learn more about the responsibilities of raising children.

Who qualifies for the program?

Pregnant and parenting students who are enrolled in a Stockton Unified School District school and are making progress towards a high school diploma.

Is there a fee for child care services?

Not usually. Eligibility is determined by enrollment of the parent in school and by income. Most parenting teens and their children qualify for fully subsidized care. You may also qualify after graduation to transition your child into Early Head Start or Head Start Program.

What records will I need to enroll my child?

We will need copies of your child's birth certificate, MediCal card, immunization record and verification of your income, including a case number for TANF. Upon enrollment you will give us emergency information, health history information and take a Health Exam Report to your childÕs health care provider. All parents and each student who works in the center will need an annual TB clearance.

What will I do if my baby gets sick?

All children may be more susceptible to colds and infections when they first begin to attend school. We cannot care for sick children in a group care setting. The infant center teachers will help you determine when your baby cannot be admitted to the center. We suggest that you arrange for alternative temporary sick baby care when your child cannot come with you to school. You will still be responsible for your class work and tests if your child is ill. It is a good idea to talk with your teachers before your child may become ill and make plans for the procedures for completing class work that each teacher will want you to follow if you will be absent because your child is ill.

Will I need to bring formula and baby food for my baby?

No. The SAFE Centers participate in ChildrenÕs Center Food Program, a subsidized nutrition program. When you enroll your child you will enroll also in the CCFP. This program reimburses SAFE for the meals (including formula and baby food) it serves to children. There is no fee charged for food regardless of the family eligibility for CCFP.

Will my child need to attend every day?

Yes. We do not provide drop-in care. Children are enrolled whose parents need childcare services in order to attend school. Both the parent and the child need to have regular attendance.

Who will be caring for my child while I am in class?

SAFE Centers are staffed by professional Children's Center Permit Teachers and Infant Center Aides. They also will be supervising child development students and other parents who participate in the centers.

How do I sign up?

Ask your counselor to put you in the SAFE class on your campus. For child care get a SAFE application from your counselor, one of the SAFE infant centers, the SAFE office located at: Channel Street Building
1144 East Channel Street
(209) 953-4343 or
Early Head Start Office
425 North California Street
(209) 467-3424
At Stagg High School contact the Healthy Start Office at (209) 953-3111.

Please note that there are limited spaces available for child care and your child may be placed on a waiting list.

Ask your counselor to put you in the SAFE class on your campus. For child care get a SAFE applicationfrom your counselor, one of the SAFE infant centers, the SAFE office at Student Services (1141 E Weber St), or the Early Head Start Office (425 N California). At Stagg High, contact the Healthy Start Office, 953-3111.Early Childhood Education and School Readiness