Kennedy Games


By: Denise Alvarez

Marissa Munoz

Nathan Peers

Treveonn Binder


Do you think youíre the fastest person in Stockton and youíre between the ages of 9 and 14?Well, here is your chance to prove yourself . Actually, this would be Hoovers 7th year participating in the Kennedy Games competitions. If you have been in the Kennedy Games before, then you probably already know that it consists of track and field events.


The Kennedy Games is a fun day for kids where they can compete with other students from different schools in the Stockton Unified area. Every student gets to run an event depending on the number of athletes on your team. There are many different races you can participate in. Just to name a few, there is the 50 yard dash, the 220 yard dash, the 440 yard relay. There are also several field events. The Kennedy Games usually takes place at the Delta College track, but this year they are separating the 7th and 8th grade students from the 4th-6th grades, and their competitions will be on two separate days. The 7th and 8th grade Kennedy Games competitions will be held at Chavez High school on May 17th and the 4th-6th grade will have their events at Edison High on May 10th.


There are so many different events.One of the most popular events is the 440 relay.The 440 relay is a track event where 4 girls/boys run with a baton and pass it on to their teammates. This time a single runner has to run the entire track against other runners from different schools.If running isnít for you, then you might want to try-out for the softball throw, soccer kick, or the long jump.


††††††††††† The Kennedy Games is a chance to show off your running skills by racing against many students from the school district.This fun day consists of many events that will entertain you and the people in the stands that are watching.This year it will be a little different, because the races will be separated into two days instead of having all the events on one day.This is a great and exciting day to participate in.††