This design uses dynamic flash for the upper right buttons and the standard FrontPage navigation for the main menu and submenu systems.

You may use this area to insert text or text boxes.  Our text boxes are simply paragraphs with the style "textbox" applied to them.


Take Time to Learn

If you are unfamiliar with FrontPage navigation, please take the time to look at how the various menus are set up on the various pages we have in multiple levels.  In Normal view, simply right-click over the menu, and select Link Bar Properties.  That page will show you what we have selected for the various levels.

About This Template

We have made the movies in this template completely dynamic, so you can easily change:

  • The 4 images in the header movie
  • The wording in the movie
  • The names on all 5 movie button links
  • The link to URL of all 5 movie button links

 - all without the use of a flash program!  More information is available on the FAQ's page of this template.