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Our Preschool Teachers

Monica Sousa

Monica worked at Walton for 6 years as a paraprofessional in the preschool program. She then earned her teaching credential and has taught 6 years in resource programs in Stockton Unified. We welcomed her to Walton in the summer of 2005. She teaches an active and diverse class of preschoolers with special needs.

Email: msousa@stockton.k12.ca.us


Rick Cornelison

Rick has been teaching for 20 years. He began his career in Utah and then moved to Stockton. Rick taught at various sites in the district before coming to Walton 16 years ago. He has worked in his current classroom for 8 years. Rick's class emphasizes the development of the whole child.

Email: rcornelison@stockton.k12.ca.us                               

                                                                    More Information About Rick's Class


 Hope Muns-Thornton

Hope has worked for 22 years with Stockton Unified School District. She has spent the last 10 years as a special education teacher. Hope has spent 9 years working in the field of autism and currently teaches a class for preschoolers with autism. She began working at Walton in 2001.

Email: hmuns@stockton.k12.ca.us




Paula Zuniga

Email: pzuniga@stockton.k12.ca.us

Patti Jenkins

Patti began her career at the Children's Home in Stockton as a counselor. She worked there for 12 years before taking some time off to be with her family. Patti returned to the Children's Home and earned her teaching credential. She came to Walton in 2004 to teach a preschool class.

Email: pjenkins@stockton.k12.ca.us


Rachelle Pappas

Rachelle began her teaching career working  with preschoolers in LUSD in 1991. She then taught middle school students in 1992. She has taught at Walton in the preschool class since 1993.

Email: rpappas@stockton.k12.ca.us